Authorities say a wedding photo sparked the gunfight that left three biker club members dead and another five injured on Saturday during a motorcycle rally in Red River.

In the aftermath police reportedly found an armed Bandido in a nearby bar with a pile of bloody clothes. Another who was wounded tried to pass cocaine to a woman after arriving at the hospital.

Three of those involved didn’t survive.

Alleged Bandidos members Anthony Silva, 26, and Damian Breaux, 46, and Waterdogs member Randy Sanchez, 46, died in the shooting — which brought the town’s 41st annual Memorial Day Motorcycle Rally to a screeching halt.

Authorities say Waterdog member Jacob Castillo, 30, of Rio Rancho, is charged with an open count of murder and Bandidos members Christopher Garcia, 41, and Matthew Jackson, 39, are facing drug and gun charges.

Both Castillo and Garcia were shot in the incident. Garcia and Jackson have since been booked into the Taos County Detention Center.

Prosecutors trying to keep Jackson, reportedly a chapter leader, and Garcia behind bars until trial, said the pair could seek retaliation if released.

The pretrial detention motion states the shooting stemmed from a photo that showed Waterdogs and Mongols members together at a wedding.

“The Bandidos Gang was apparently aggravated at the Waterdogs for associating with the (Mongols) in territory which the Bandidos considered their territory,” according to the motion.

During a news conference Sunday, State Police Chief Tim Johnson described the squabble as: “Something as stupid as that.”

State Police responded around 5 p.m. and found two people dead at the scene and a third person later died at the hospital. Five people were taken to various hospitals, including Castillo and Garcia.

According to criminal complaints filed in Taos Magistrate Court:

A State Police officer was with Garcia at Holy Cross Hospital when he tried to hand a woman his keys and, discreetly, a small blue bag. The woman was “not paying attention” and dropped the bag on the ground, revealing it was filled with cocaine.

The woman told police she didn’t know Garcia was trying to hand her the bag.

Another officer responding to the shooting was told by a bystander that a Bandido member was “holding bloody clothing” afterward. The officer found the man, identified as Jackson, in the Motherlode Saloon.

The officer found “a bloody shirt, bloody shoes and belt” on Jackson and a loaded gun in his waistband. Jackson had a concealed carry permit issued in Texas and told police he didn’t know he wasn’t allowed to have the gun in the bar.

Jackson told police he wasn’t drinking but officers found a dollar bill with meth inside Jackson’s wallet. Jackson requested an attorney.