COVID, COVID, go away

We missed Easter and Mother’s Day

Father’s Day and July Fourth too.


We wore masks all,

For all we were worth,

And walked alone, and missed our friends

And ate alone, (with no amens).


Monsoon Season was almost fun

Considering we could not run

Without a mask, (can trigger asthma)

Making running something anathema.


August saw the start of school

A few weeks later, gone that too.

Halloween was dark and drear

Hardly a soul sneaked by here.


Thanksgiving too was solitary…But

It’s almost Christmas. Now that is jolly.

Time to think merry thoughts, gratefull and small.


Time to remember, that day in December,

We celebrate Christ’s Mass, and Mary His Mother.

Remember the birds, deer, Judith Roadrunner,

Remember the trees, and the quail’s little crown.

Remember… He bought us and made us His own.

Remember… He came to take all of us Home.


Merry Christmas.

By Ann Kuboth, Rio Rancho