As the election grows near, voters want to know about the candidates. Over the next months the Observer will be posting Q and As as responses come in. These are the candidates in Sandoval County.

Michelle Sandoval(D), candidate for District 57 State Representative

Observer: What is your background with politics, community, and your education?

I was born in Las Cruces, New Mexico and raised in Rio Rancho. I’m the oldest sibling of four and have two loving and amazing parents. I attended V. Sue Cleveland High School and graduated from UNM when I was twenty years old. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Minor in Psychology and am currently in the process of finishing my Master’s. I have worked in many places in Rio Rancho, most recently at Bank of the West and Sandoval County. I worked for Bank of the West for over four years working directly with the CEO and Head Executives on sustainable business implementations and at the branch level working one on one with the community members of Rio Rancho. I then proceeded to work with Sandoval County in the Sandoval County Treasurer’s Office. I have devoted my time to learning the ins and outs of government, working hand in hand with countless Elected Officials and working on countless community service projects. I am currently employed at The Los Alamos National Laboratory. I also volunteer with Junior Achievement, Special Olympics, Watermelon Ranch and the Balloon Fiesta. Additionally, I started my own nonprofit called the Eco-Warriors empowering high school students to volunteer to clean up polluted areas of our community. Interacting and working with our community helped my passion grow for helping others especially my neighbors and helped my career path take a political turn. An elected official is a public servant and I want to truly serve the people of my community.

Observer: Why are you running for this position in particular?


I am running because I believe in uniting people, bridging the gap between political parties, and operating as a servant of the people, not service to a political party. I love New Mexico and I love how much potential and growth opportunities we have, I love our community and how we can overcome any trials and tribulations we are put through together. I also want to be an advocate and a voice for young voters. Statistically, for the 2020 presidential election, voter turnout for voters aged 18 to 24 was only 52.4%. ( We all need to vote whether you’re 18 or 88. This is a democracy and we should be deciding for ourselves with our choices and our votes and not just letting those who show up do so. Voting together is the first step of us working together to solve the many issues we are facing. I am ready to work with people of all parties to face these issues head on and get bills passed to make changes and to grow and better our state. 

Observer: What do you plan to do in the first year (if you are elected)?


If elected, I intend on working on Jobs and the Economy, Education, Public Safety and Public Health.

New Mexicans deserve to start businesses, grow businesses, hire within the community and add value to our economy and legislatures should make that path easier not harder. I will work on tax reform, on New Mexico’s infrastructure and making sure we are encouraging growth in every aspect. I will work hard to ensure we are making changes across all ages from early childhood development to college age children, to ensure we are passing bills to brighten our state’s future. Securing proper funding and making sure all avenues of education are being funded. This is not a party issue and every representative should want to work hard, day in and day out, to provide our children, collectively, the best education.   New Mexico continues to top the charts in crime rates, and we have not worked hard enough to slow the curve. Without a safe environment our economic development is hindered, our housing development is hindered and we are hindered. Most criminals are reoffenders and we need to work together across parties to make sure we support our first responders and hold criminals accountable.

As your District 57 representative, I will listen to every community member’s concern, advocate for you, and work, day in and day out, to ensure our district is being heard. I will work diligently with all parties to ensure we can represent our constituents holistically and fairly. Thank you for reading and learning about me. If you have concerns or issues you want heard and worked on or if you would like to learn more about me please feel free to reach out. You can reach me at [email protected] or Call or Text me directly (505) 373-9349.