As the election grows near, voters want to know about the candidates. Over the next months the Observer will be posting Q and As as responses come in. These are the candidates in Sandoval County.

Alan Martinez (R): candidate for District 23 (Corrales) State Representative


Observer: What is your background with politics, community, and your education?

I worked for the NM Department of Veteran Services for 25 years. The last 16 years of my career, I was the policy director, I developed, presented, and advocated for over 80 pieces of legislation that directly benefited veterans and their families and took NM Veterans from last to the top 5 four years in a row in national rankings for “veteran friendly states.”

I have a BA in Education from Southern Arizona Bible College class of 1986 and I live in the Santiago Neighborhood, where I am the Vvice-president of the HOA Board of Directors.

Observer: Why are you running for this position in particular?

I am running for the House of Representatives District 23 because I believe that New Mexico deserves better policy coming out of the Legislature. Our current policies have us last on every good list and first on the bad lists. I know with my dedication and perseverance, I can make a difference for my community. I have proven leadership and the tenacity to get things done in Santa Fe. I have had enough of the way things are and have a strong desire to be a part of the solution.

Observer: What do you plan to do in the first year (if you are elected)?

I will work hard to pass legislation that is supportive of law enforcement. I will also work hard to change the GRT regressive tax system that discourages small businesses from operating in New Mexico. I will sit and listen to teachers and parents and make sure that they are part of the process in improving the way we educate our students.