Anne Brady-Romero, Democrat 

Anne Brady-Romero

Community of residence:  Algodones, NM

Education: High School Graduate

Professional and political experience:  I have over 35 years of public and private sector management experience, including the following.  Sandoval County Chief Deputy Clerk | 2013- 2020, Worked in the Sandoval County Clerk’s office since 2010 and a small business owner.

Have you ever been charged with a felony or DWI? No

How can people reach you if they have questions?   [email protected] |  505-377-5680

1. What are your beliefs about mass mail-in voting?

I believe in sending an application for an absentee ballot to every registered voter in Sandoval County. The benefit is that folks who really don’t have time to vote because they’re working 1-2  jobs can still exercise their right to vote. I am a traditional voter. I like to go to my local polling site to interact with my friends and neighbors, but I realize not everyone has the time; providing an application ensures equal access to all.

2. What are the greatest challenges regarding voter registration and voting in Sandoval County, and how would you address them?  

In a Anne Brady-Romero administration I will implement some immediate reforms to address those challenges. I will develop and implement a comprehensive voter outreach program, education awareness campaign for upcoming elections, and increase voting sites.

3. How would you make sure your office communicates adequately with the public?

I plan on re-structuring the Office of the Clerk and will ensure we have a Communications Specialist to focus on various formats of voter outreach, as is accepted best practices.

Lawrence D. Griego, Republican

Editor’s note: Griego did not return a questionnaire.