Editor’s note: The City of Rio Rancho is holding a city council and bond election on March 3, with early voting underway.

City council seats representing districts 1, 4 and 6 are on the ballot, with two candidates running for the four-year term for each seat. Voters must reside in the city council districts in question to vote in those races. As per law, municipal elections are non-partisan.

For information on polling places, visit rrnm.gov/4405/Voting-Information.

In order to help our readers make informed decisions, the Observer gave each candidate a questionnaire to complete. Responses were edited for format as necessary, but not for grammar, spelling, punctuation or accuracy.

Paul M. Wymer

 Paul M. Wymer questionnaire

Background: Architect, licensed in New Mexico. Planner Certified by the American Institute of Certified Planners.

Years residing in Rio Rancho: 35 plus.

Contact information: Email: [email protected]. Cell phone (call me) 505-239-6009.

Web Site: www.WYMER4RR.COM

1. What makes you the most qualified person to hold this seat? I have lived in Rio Rancho for 35 plus years. I have seen numerous changes over that timeframe, including the creation of our great school district. I currently serve as the Chair of the Planning and Zoning Board which makes land use and zoning decisions as well as recommends similar direction to the governing body. I am in my fifth year providing this volunteer service to the City. With this, I have a clear understanding of City ordinances, policies, and expectations, as well as the decision-making needs of City staff and elected officials.

2. If elected, what will your top priorities be and how will you accomplish them? 1. Road conditions are a very high priority. There are strategic plans in place that are working to improve the deteriorating conditions of this critical infrastructure. I will work with the Mayor and my fellow Councilors to keep these efforts moving forward. 2. Bringing new business to the City and encouraging existing business to stay and expand are high priorities of mine. I will work with the Sandoval Economic Alliance in their efforts towards these causes.

3. What do you think should be done about road construction and repairs in Rio Rancho, and how will you accomplish it? Existing roadway repairs and improvements are two of my top priorities. There is a strategic plan in place to continue the successful work already completed (for example, Southern Boulevard), and I promise to support these efforts. I strongly support the extension of Paseo Del Volcan, as this will open incredible economic development opportunities to our City. It will also provide a new avenue for access to and from Rio Rancho from both major Highways, I-40 and I-25.

4. What will be your priorities, if any, for public safety if you’re elected? I am a steadfast supporter of our public safety officials and educators. I do not believe they get the respect or support they deserve. As District 4 City Councilor, I will support our hard-working public safety team and educators. They have earned the esteemed reputation they deserve. I am the lucky husband of a Rio Rancho Public School teacher, as well as a father and brother-in-law to three wonderful Rio Rancho School teachers. I will coordinate with our public safety and educational leaders to understand their needs. I will then work with the governing body and City staff to implement solutions that achieve those goals.

5. If elected, what will you do to encourage economic development in Rio Rancho? I am currently employed at a national home building company that builds homes in many communities in the area, including Rio Rancho. I have seen how governmental regulation can stifle economic progress. Rio Rancho has a very positive reputation of embracing economic development, and I will not let this reputation diminish. I will instead work to make sure our City provides incentives and opportunities for a continued successful result for our community.

6. What is your stance on the water and wastewater system and rates? The rates are high compared to our neighboring communities. I will not support increased rates unless mandated by new Federal Government regulations.

7. What is your stance on governmental transparency with the public, and what actions would you take based on that stance if elected? Open government is critical. Call me. I will tell you my stance and listen to your side. My cell phone is (505) 239-6009.

8. What is Rio Rancho’s greatest asset, and what will you do to preserve and enhance it if elected? The list is endless. Our hard-working public safety teams. Our Rio Rancho Public School teachers. Our Libraries. A Park Above. Joe’s Pasta House. Elevate Trampoline Park. What is not to like? I will support Rio Rancho’s best interests with all my heart. I promise! Thank you for your time and consideration.