Editor’s note: The City of Rio Rancho is holding a city council and bond election on March 3, with early voting underway.

City council seats representing districts 1, 4 and 6 are on the ballot, with two candidates running for the four-year term for each seat. Voters must reside in the city council districts in question to vote in those races. As per law, municipal elections are non-partisan.

For information on polling places, visit rrnm.gov/4405/Voting-Information.

In order to help our readers make informed decisions, the Observer gave each candidate a questionnaire to complete. Responses were edited for format as necessary, but not for grammar, spelling, punctuation or accuracy.

Anthony Felimon Torres

 Anthony Torres questionnaire

Background: Small Business Owner Current Chairperson on PIAB Marine Veteran

Years residing in Rio Rancho: 91-2001 2011-present

Contact information: 505 463 4309, [email protected]

1. What makes you the most qualified person to hold this seat? I’m the most qualified person to hold this seat because I listen, I have the time and motivation to be involved in our community. I want to communicate with citizens and be a better voice for district 1.

2. If elected, what will your top priorities be and how will you accomplish them? My top priorities are going to be, getting citizens more involved and educated with their local government and to work with Mayor Hull in continuing building and repairing our roads city wide. I plan on pushing the Citizens 101 program and educate citizens of all the boards they can apply for. I want to hear from citizens on options that I can present to the Mayor to acquire more money for roads and push road bonds.

3. What do you think should be done about road construction and repairs in Rio Rancho, and how will you accomplish it? I’ve had citizens give me ideas on gas taxes, different bond ideas, etc. I plan on accomplishing these ideas by working with the mayor, other city leaders, county, and state officials, to help secure more funding for more road projects and to continue building up the much-needed infrastructure. I’m excited to reach to the community through door knocking, libraries, community centers to help push local government involvement.

4. What will be your priorities, if any, for public safety if you’re elected? As of now, I’ve talked to one Rio Rancho officer and I’m looking forward to getting more input from more officers to hear their concerns and needs to continue to serve and protect our residents, tourists, and daily commuters.

5. If elected, what will you do to encourage economic development in Rio Rancho? The best thing I can do to encourage economic development in Rio Rancho is to reach out to the contractors I know and see if they’re interested in making Rio Rancho their home base. After that it’s doing my best to help sale Rio Rancho to investors that are interested in building facilities in Rio Rancho and working with local, county and state officials to bring them in.

6. What is your stance on the water and wastewater system and rates? I’ll work with Jim Chiasson and listen to the citizens to express concerns, ideas, and help make changes for the good. I will continue to research and educate myself on these issues.

7. What is your stance on governmental transparency with the public, and what actions would you take based on that stance if elected? I absolutely believe in transparency and open doors with our government to the public. The public should never hesitate to get answers to their questions. My actions would be to have my government duties open and clear to the public. The only concern I would have is that of sensitive items or security, which I doubt I’d have no knowledge of.

8. What is Rio Rancho’s greatest asset, and what will you do to preserve and enhance it if elected? I believe Rio Ranchos greatest asset is our growth and youth as a city. I want to encourage the youth to get involved in their government, to encourage all citizens to make that extra effort to spend our money in Rio Rancho, to encourage businesses to relocate to Rio Rancho, and to encourage our senior citizens to reach out to their district leaders to help us ensure a good quality of life for all.