Murder charges against Noah Sisneros and Jayden Boveland have recently been dismissed because there were several violations when it came to the discovery of documents.

They were accused of murdering Robert Rodriguez in 2019.

Jury selection and trial were scheduled for Sept. 5-14; however, an email from the district attorney’s office explained the state’s intention to dismiss the case on Aug. 10.

The violations, detailed by a Nolle Prosequi, were filed Aug. 11. A Nolle Prosequi is a formal notice of abandonment of the case by either the defense or the prosecuting party.

“Due to the ongoing delayed disclosure of discovery by personnel from the Rio Rancho Police Department to the Thirteenth Judicial District Attorney’s office which has resulted in a delayed disclosure of discovery to the defendant; coupled with the length of delay from the date of the filing of the indictment, and; significant issues with the charging document; in the interest of justice this case is dismissed with prejudice,” Deputy District Attorney Neil Carson states in the document. A dismissal with prejudice means the case cannot be refiled.

Sisneros and Boveland were released from prison due to the filing.