The 2018 murder of Dawn Sandoval, from Rio Rancho, will be included in the Oxygen True Crime show “Killer Relationship with Faith Jenkins” in season two.

“Hosted by Divorce Court’s presiding judge, Faith Jenkins, this true crime series delves into jaw-droppingly evil stories of love that sours and break-ups that turn downright murderous,” it says in the show description.

According to IMDB, Killer Relationship investigates burgeoning romances from their  beginnings and follows what happened all the way through to their bitter ends.

In 2018, Sandoval County police investigated a missing persons case that involved Sandoval and her ex-husband Michael Encinias. The 46-year-old woman was reported missing by family on April 16 and found burned in a remote area of Sandoval County on May 6.

Due to decomposition, the Office of the Medical Investigator could not determine how Dawn Sandoval died but ruled her death a homicide.

Her family waited for months after reporting her missing, and after a long investigation police arrested Encinias in November that same year.

According to the report, Sandoval and Encinias were married for 19 years. They got a divorce shortly before Sandoval went missing.

He was found guilty of second-degree murder and tampering with evidence. Encinias’ sentence amounted to a total of 18 years in jail and two years of probation after that.

There is no release date for season two yet.

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